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Erotic massage kiev

Salon of Erotic Massage «Graces-Magic» ….24 hours

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We welcome all guests and inhabitants of Kiev to visit our Massage Salon. We work 24/7, 7 days a week and are are located in the Heart of Kiev on Ivan Mazepa 4/6. Our Massagists are of the highest qualifications and specialize in erotic, body, Thai, intimate and many other types of massage.


In the recent times erotic massage has become a very popular hobby for both health and intimate relaxation. Because of this dramatic rise in interest, much more erotic massage salons have sprung up across Kiev and the Ukraine in general. To this day their is a total of over 40 erotic massage salons in Kiev alone. So How can you find the Massage Salon that is best for you? At First it is a good Idea to take a look at the interior. A salon with elite and comfortable rooms already says much in the way of it’s quality. Statistically 90% of our clients return again at least another time. If you come to our salon just once, chances are you will become one of our constant clients. This Fact shows that indeed our massage masters are on a superb level.

Thai Massage is not only relaxing but extremely beneficial health wise!

With the aid of erotic massage you will not only come to the full relax but also be rejuvenated health wise and psychologically. With our Special Program (Magic of Stone) Your Potency levels will dramatically increase from the very first session. With Our Unique Program( Secret Spa Magic) you will be freed from constant migraines and headaches. With the aid of a course of our program (Thai Jelk) your penis will grow an additional 2 to 5 centimeters.The Efficacy of our work has long been proven, Erotic Massage is a mix of pleasure and healthful benefits.

The Massage programs of our Salon do wonders for potency!

Our Salon Uses an original program called (Magic of Stone) Which uses a special stone which has been brought from Tibet. From Ancient times Tibeten monks would use this stone in a procedure to highten potencey. Here we have mixed this old tradition with Pleasurable erotic Massage achieving great effects for both health and pleasure.

Do you want to receive an Ocean of pleasure?

Salon of erotic Massage (Graces-Magic) — Magic of pleasure in the heart of Kiev.

We work 24/7